The appraisal report serves as a legal document and adheres to Internal Revenue Service Standards and those set by the Appraisal Foundation’s Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.


  • The report will state the purpose of the appraisal and history of ownership (provenance).
  • The monetary value conclusions and prescribed methods of research will be documented.
  • The objects appraised will be described in detail regarding their present condition.
  • The effective date of value and location of inspection will be included.
  • Photographs taken of the art by the appraiser will be enclosed.
  • Recommendations will be made for preserving the art if needed.
  • Biographical information about the artists will be included when available.
  • A bibliography of the sources used will be listed.
  • A glossary will define terms used in the report.
  • A disclaimer and limiting conditions section will be provided.